In 1901, William Harley and Arthur Davidson set out to produce the finest motorcycles of their time. Six years later in their Milwaukee factory, they had created their 94th motorcycle, which still carries a significance over a century later.Harley 2
Serial number 2037; the 37th Harley Davidson Strap Tank, built in 1907 stands today as the most rare, desirable, and original piece of motorcycle machinery in the world. Today, it is a work of art that has been maintained in it’s purest form.

The first prototype to number 2037 lacked power, but served as the foundation for the next century of motorcycles to become stronger, faster and better. Their second prototype competed in a race on September 8, 1904, which setup the first public debut for a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

It is considered to be the best unrestored strap tank Harley Davidson, keeping its original paint job, engine and frame. The ‘strap tank’ refers to the models with nickel-plated steel bands suspending the oil and fuel tanks from the frame.

Harley 3

Though it does not inhibit the same visual characteristics as the restored models, the rusty gold-plated look that can only be configured through time, gives number 2037 a vintage appearance, pioneering a standard for true artistic quality in a motorcycle.

Fortunately, this 1907 Harley Davidson Strap Tank piece of history has found a home by a private collector for the cool price of $650,000.