It’s 1987 and you’re listening to some good tunes, while the wind blows against your face, the sun is setting in the distance. You’re in your zone as you grip tightly on the handles of your newly reworked 1987 Ducati Indiana 650 // Indy SS and move swiftly into the night.

Ducati 1

Paying homage to the original Ducati Indiana, of which only 240 were imported into the US, Tony Prust of Analog motorcycles giving the bike a more muscle-bike look and feel. He painted it  in grey and black, using late ’70s graphics, reminiscent of the Ducati 900s and transformed it into what he now calls a “Muscle Bobber.”

The entire bike was re-imagined down to the subframe which was chopped to make room for a custom seat pan that was installed to support the rear fender and hump, for top of the line comfort. Custom aluminum side-panels were fitted and added and the lighting was completely updated with aftermarket parts.

Ducati 4

The engine was updated by TJ at Ducati Milwaukee and some engine cases were stripped of their pitted finish and treated to a black wrinkle powder coat finish while the new SS brakes and clutch give it excellent handling.

The exhaust is ceramic-coated black with internal baffles which was designed to reduce the growl. The airbox was left alone along with the Bing carbs.

During this drive, your adrenaline matches that of the 121 mph that your motorcycle is eagerly achieving as the night races on.