The 200 Steps series by Canali features an interview that gives us an inside look on Michael Douglas and what makes him the epitome of elegance and an unparalleled leading Ferrvor man, on and off screen.After almost 50 years of an outstanding career, Michael Douglas has many accomplishments under his belt. Starring in iconic films like Wall Street, Fatal Attraction, and Wonder Boys and producing gems like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, he is a man of many talents and an expert in his field.

Similarly, Canali is an Italian luxury brand, adept to making the finest tailor-made menswear and known for being a symbol of men’s elegance since 1934. The series 200 Steps for Canali features men that embody the brand’s image and style. A new member to the series, Michael Douglas, is featured in an interview exploring his craft through the medium of entrance. He talks about acting in terms of finding the truth, sometimes lying and trusting your instincts. The short film shows exactly why he is so great at what he does. He can take on a character and fully immerse himself with all the emotion behind it, even down to facial movements and hand gestures.

He truly reflects the sophistication and refinement of a Canali Man and gives us an insight to his life’s work and the dedication and knowledge it takes to master a chosen art.