Marian Hill, an electronic duo from Philadelphia, is ready to take over the airwaves in 2015 with their new singles “Lips” and “Got It.”

The duo consists of Jeremy Lloyd and and Samantha Gongol, who are responsible for the production and vocals. Their two new singles show off their ability to combine modern production with the a vocal style reminiscent of Ella Fitzgerald and the 1930s. Lloyd and Gongol could both have outstanding solo careers, Lloyd in the electronic world, and Gongol in the pop/jazz world. Instead, they joined forces and are giving us something new that is irreplicable.

They released their EP Play in 2014, clearly showing a nice progression to their new singles. Lloyd’s production has opened up, using dynamics and silence to create chills throughout the journey and Gongol’s vocals are showing even more intimacy and emotion, which was a pleasant surprise to us, especially after first hearing how strong they were before.

On top of their original work, they’ve been releasing outstanding remixes, with the most recent being, Aquilo’s “Human.” The original version itself was chilling, spacious, and moving, but Marian Hill’s remix is top-notch. The remix transformed the original into a faster, bolder, and more exciting track.

Marian Hill has our vote to become one of the top artists of 2015. Keep an eye out for the upcoming album and the new remixes soon to be released!