As you may know, the 308GTB was first released in the mid 1970s as an entry level Ferrari powered by a V8. That has now changed with the grown up version of it’s predecessor. Igniting the Ferrari line is the new mid-engine, twin-turbo V8 488 GTB. With 660 horsepower behind the curtain, expect to be transported to 62 MPH in just three seconds and 125MPH in a mere 8.3. With top speeds of 205MPH, it leaves the 458 wishing it had one extra breathe, beating it by 2 seconds, which in the world of racing is an eternity.

488 Supp 1

The 488 GTB is Ferrari’s first turbo since the 2015 California T and first mid-engine V8 since the F40, who is likely feeling a little dainty next to it’s GTB companion with it’s staggering 200 additional horsepower.

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As can be expected, the Ferrari 488 GTB is loaded with the latest gadgets and technology including Ferrari’s slip angle control system (SSC2) which has been said to give the car greater longitudinal acceleration coming out of corners, while being less invasive. The SSC2 system will also control the car’s dampers to keep the 488 GTB more stable in the corners, while Variable Torque Management in the gearbox will provide a smooth build-up of torque.

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As far as exterior and interior, Ferrari puts painstaking detail into every morsel. The tail features a new blown spoiler which helps with downforce without increasing drag. The interior has all the goods you come to expect with a multifunction steering wheel, wraparound seats, satellite control clusters and a separation between the dash and the cluster giving it a futuristic look and feel.

Look for this stunning beauty in the upcoming Geneva Show, March 5-15.

Meanwhile, we’ll be visualizing this in our Ferrvor Man driveway soon.