2017 Lincoln MKZ 3

Lincoln’s new luxury sedan, the 2017 Lincoln MKZ, is the culmination of vehicle technology and sophistication, including advanced technology enabling turn-in sync, which matches up the headlights and steering wheel ensuring your drive path is well-lit. That, and a full-length retractable glass roof makes for a fun and intuitive ride.

Story: Briana Dorton
Images By: Lincoln

2017 Lincoln MKZ

The interior of the vehicle was designed with one thing in mind, comfort. Plush leather seating and a couple color options of your choosing along with polished wood grain door panels. Depending on your audio preference, they come equipped with 14 or 20 speakers and a Revel Audio System to create a banging, surround sound experience.

2017 Lincoln MKZ

Lincoln made sure to make safety a priority. Pre-collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection uses cameras and radar to detect another vehicle or person ahead. The vehicle sends a warning, and if the driver does not respond in time, then it automatically come to a complete stop. This is great for preventing or minimizing collision damage. The cars have SYNC3 technology as well, which allows voice commands for phone calls, music, navigation, etc.

2017 Lincoln MKZ

The MKZ packs a big punch with an available 3.0L GTDI engine with 400 hp and 400 lb.-ft of torque.

Expect the 2017 Lincoln MKZ to roll out Summer 2016.