The world’s biggest talent in the Entertainment industry come together for a night to celebrate this years best in television. Held at the Nokia theater in Downtown Los Angeles, the 66th Annual Emmy Awards was not lacking a shortage of leading men looking their absolute best.

Television’s top men suited up in traditional black and white tuxedos while some brought a bit of color into the palette  – different shades of blue complemented the fire red tones that were popular among the women’s choice of color for the night. Bryan Cranston, a big winner Sunday night for his stellar role in “Breaking Bad”, looked sharp in a Ralph Lauren Tux, co star Aaron Paul sported  clean cut black and white from Prada. Matt Bomer Shined after his performance in “A Normal Heart” in a crisp Tom Ford Tuxedo. Matthew McConaughey wore a midnight blue suit, detailed with black panels and a more accentuated lapel. “Game of Thrones” stars Nikolaj Coster-Waldau wore Salvatore Farragamo and Kit Harrington donned Prada, taking a complete 180 from their set costumes.  Ty Burrell of the mega hit show “Modern Family”, suited up in a fine tailored navy blue, black lapel custom Todd Snyder tuxedo. Jon Hamm hit the carpet in an impeccable Tom Ford ivory white tux jacket and slim black tuxedo slacks, ushering in the aura of classic Hollywood.

It was a sure bet that television’s main men would look their best on one of the most important nights of one’s career. Cheers to all the nominees this year and looking forward to next.

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Story By: Jerry P
Images By: Emmys