Ferrvor Man appreciates a lifestyle of high-end mens fashion, travel, architecture, and a badass ride, or two. The finest things in life are what he seeks and what he gets. Here’s a couple of random, super cool things you’ll find in a Ferrvor Man’s pad. Ferrvor Man is a collector of many sorts. Special-edition suits, shoes and cars aren’t the only thing that fit the bill.

Flyte 1

Coffee-table books move aside. The Flyte: Levitating Light takes center stage. The shatter-proof bulb literally hovers over the finely-crafted, wooden base through magnetic levitation. Not only is this a favorite to amaze guests, it requires no batteries and can last about 11 years.

Stephen Kenn

Style and comfort go hand in hand. That’s why Ferrvor Man appreciates this Military Canvas Sofa from Stephen Kenn. Made to order, this unique piece is made from a steel-welded frame and touched with a marble wooden finish. The kicker? This exclusive piece is made from authentic WWII military fabric, creating a visually stimulating and comfortable essential.


What’s a Ferrvor Pad without some fun and entertainment? The STIGA Studio Table is all-in-one. A ping pong table with 2800-watt sound system with amazing sound quality, two 12″ Solo-Baric L7 subs and eight Kicker KS Series 3-way 6×9 speakers, with bluetooth and MP3 player technology, and karaoke-capable, makes this one super cool entertainment room piece. Vibrant, LED downlighting is a nice touch for some nighttime fun.

Doettling 1

What’s the use of having the finest, if it’s not “safe?” Jokes aside, the VDS Class 2 high-security, Döttling GrandCircle Safe, is elegance, safety and super cool. Complete with 52 individually controlled watch winders, this luxurious safe is made from the finest materials, including beautiful ruby gems. Not your ordinary safe, the Döttling GrandCircle is an entertainment unit, that comes with the Elac MicroSUB 2010, the world’s smallest hi-fi subwoofer, four amps and satellite loudspeaker. The air-humidified humidor and minibar are icing on the cake.

Poet Speaker

Simplicity in design with quality, digital sound, this is a must to have for the pad. Made from brushed stainless steel and wood, the Poet Concordetta gives you 180-degrees of sound from 3-speakers and amazing bass with the built-insubwoofer. Wireless streaming and bluetooth allow for an amazing audio experience, with the option to connect to your TV or other entertainment outlet.

Armada Chair

What kind of pad would be complete without a lounge chair? The Armada High Armchair from Hookl und Stool is one crafty seat with a sleek design. This lounge and ottoman set is created from reformed steel, high-quality leather (or fur), and finished with your choice of elm, oak, cherry or pear wood. This hot seat can be tailor made to fit your measurements and needs, perfect for a Ferrvor Man.


Created from the exhaust of a BAE 146 jet, the Exhaust Lamp from Fallen Furniture, is over 6 ft tall of authentic aircraft metal. Add on a little inspiration from A.E. Cremer Parisian lights of the 1950s, sanding, polishing and heating to create the beautiful blues, purples and golds, and you have this standout light piece. Who else can say they have a piece an airplane engine at their place?

Supplemental Images via Flyte, Stephen Kenn, Döttling, Poet Audio, Hookl und Stool, Fallen Furniture