Whether you call it luck or plan old hard work and lots of dedication, Daniel Webber has his eyes firmly set on stardom, and doesn’t look to go anywhere anytime soon. Daniel has a clever agenda on taking over Hollywood, and this multi-talented actor isn’t holding back.

Story By: Adonis Pierce
Lensed By: Jessica Castro Photography

It was the gun shot that shook a nation. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy quickly became a worldwide scandal due to the fascinating details surrounding his murderer Lee Harvey Oswald. Most recently, Hulu partnered with J.J Abrams and Stephen King to release a television series on the King novel, 11.23.63. The eight episode miniseries stars James Franco as a teacher who travels back in time to prevent the assassination of JFK. So it should come as no surprise when casting for such an iconic role like Lee Harvey Oswald, that the name Daniel Webber was brought up.

Daniel is a true testament for those seeking to make their dreams come true. Making his own name in entertainment and thriving to break barriers, Daniel has already been seen in many big name t.v shows and films. Aside from the already successful t.v show 11.23.63, Daniel has also stared on the television series Home and Away in his native home of Australia. He also starred in the Julia Leigh directed film Sleeping Beauty, along side Emily Browning, just to name a few.

Ferrvor recently had the opportunity to sit down with this multifaceted man and talk all about what makes Daniel tick.

Hello Daniel, let’s start with some easy ones. Any secret talents?

I can do standing back flips… is that a secret talent?

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

I love to hike, paint, surf, go horseback riding and rock climbing.

Where do you call home, Australia, or the US?

Right now the US since I am a recent addition.

Where is your favorite travel destination?

At the moment I love traveling around Oregon, but I would love to go trekking in Nepal.

You are quite the trampolinist. Where did that passion come from?

I enjoyed jumping on the trampoline in the backyard, which led me to training, and then competing.  The passion came from my friends and my family, and having a goal to focus on.

Interesting! With that in mind, any future Olympic Games in the works?

Haha, not for me!

Daniel Webber, hulu Stephen King Novel, 11/23/63

Congratulations on your upcoming series, 11.22.63 for HULU.  Did you do any prep work to play Lee Harvey Oswald?

Yes, there was a huge amount of preparation I had to do in order to understand and get under the skin of Lee… piles of books [including Steven King’s great novel], as well as films to get through.  I wanted to get a grounding in the social and political context of the 1960’s before I started any word on Lee, himself.  I had to find his very distinct walk, voice, his internal rhythms and his state of mind based on what we know historically.

I averaged about two hours a day working on his voice and going through monologues to completely embody him, and find the nuances of his particular accent leading up to the shoot [as well as during].  It was also essential to find how he held himself, largely how he held his head, he seems so stiff and upright, almost as if standing to attention.

What were some of your favorite parts about shooting the series?

It is hard to pick individual parts, every day on set felt like it wasn’t work and it was all a great experience.  I guess one day that sticks out, would be the final day on set replicating the Life Magazine photograph of Lee with his rifle. We shot in the exact spot that he was photographed in 1963.  Later on that day we shot scenes in his home as well, being in the actual location where that moment in history took place brought up a lot of different feelings for me.

How did it feel to be working with such an incredible cast?

When a production like 11.22.63 goes to such lengths to gather together an exceptional cast you really feel assured that the story you are trying to tell is in the very best hands possible.  I think cast is everything, and the casting director April Webster really went out of her way to search high and low for truly talented actors irrespective of the size of a particular role, the standard was very high throughout.  I think its just makes for an extremely satisfying viewing experience and it is exactly the same when you get to act opposite people of this caliber.

One final question, what does the future hold for you and your career?

I would love to play Alexander the Great as well as the actor Steve McQueen in a biopic style film, but I also want to get on stage again and play Hamlet. Fingers crossed!


And with that we part ways, wishing only the best for this true talent.