Richard Harmon loves black sweaters. His infatuation with them is much more than just a staple of his wardrobe. The sweaters are symbolic of who Harmon is, not just in the ominous villain that he is known for in The 100 on The CW, but his work-ethic and style philosophy.

Story By: Christopher Ho
Photographed By: Kyla Hemmelgarn

Harmon is unembarrassed about his love for clothes. He likes things to be made and fit well. That said, he prefers a very simple and clean style, “I like to keep things minimalistic.” This is evident in his choice of, a pair of nice jeans and one of his many black sweaters; an ensemble that he can be found most comfortable in.

“I own way too many black sweaters,” he says. So much so that if the apocalyptic nature of The 100 were to happen today, Harmon would easily preserve one of his black sweaters –along with his iPod and a book filled with photos of loved ones.

richard hammond 100th Ferrvor Exclusive

The success of The 100 has been one of Harmon’s greatest rides, one that he’s glad that he gets to continue with a rave reception. “When you step onto that set it’s like being in a completely different world, it makes it very easy to get lost in your character,” he says.

The Ontario native hails from the city of Mississauga, but loves and considers Vancouver his home. But his origins or his five-year plan don’t concern him as much as simply putting his head down and moving forward –with the continuous hope that the acting work lasts.


“I’m a workaholic so I hope I can keep that part of my life headed in a good direction,” says Harmon

With that focused drive, Harmon can only advise others to be patient, “that’s to anyone who wants to do anything, you have to be patient.” Harmon says he lucked out. He knew what he wanted to do with his life at a young age, something that he decided he couldn’t live without.

“Also Indian food, can’t live without a good Vindaloo,” he jokes. Second to his black sweaters are his love for cold cuts. He confesses that he could he eat cured meats of any kind, every day.

richard hammond 100th Ferrvor Exclusive

Like those unassuming black sweaters that Harmon loves, there’s more personality to him than meets the eye. There’s a humor in his character that is only noticeable when speaking with him in-depth. Case in point, he teasingly considered himself a “Canadian National Treasure” when asked, “Who is Richard Harmon?”

But in all seriousness, Harmon didn’t have a real answer to that question. Other than “I love nothing more than to make those around me happy and in return have found that I am surrounded by the greatest friends and family a man could ask for.”

The tattoo on his ribs, masks of comedy and tragedy can probably answer for him. To Harmon, his job is such a major part of his life –consequently prompting the inspiration for the ink.

He finishes by saying that he’s a pretty lucky guy, who works with a very talented crew who inspire him in a way that he doesn’t see himself giving it up anytime soon.