2014 was the explosion of one certain accessory labeled as MUST: the phone case. Long gone are the days of protection and functionality, the loudest and proudest of phone cases rule the fashion sphere. MOSCHINO dropped their famous(or infamous depending) french fries which draws out your most fondest of childhood memories. It’s all fun and the most bravado of fashionistas can off pull this pop culture piece.

QBISM went with a rugged biker chic look for it’s XO Patent Phone Case, complete with hang chain for a “bad to the bone” vibe. instant villianry added to any ensemble outfit.  It’s truly different so this piece is sure to strike up small chit chat at a music venue.
RECOVER x PENDELTON collaboration brings classic new mexico patterns, which has been Pendelton’s signature look to the panel most scene by onlookers pretending to look at the menu board but already set on a chai latte. It’s a clean, intelligent and charming design wih light stained wood accentuating each design.
Kiosk customized cases are no bueno when whippng out your phone to click on that vital app. These small details makes an everlasting impression in our stylized digi world.
Story By: Jerry P
Images By: Moschino, Qbism, Recover x Pendelton