Light enough to be a runner, with the ankle stability and height to be a basketball shoe, yet the finish and understated design to be strictly for the street, the Adidas Tubular X is a rarity not only from Adidas, but for sneakers.

Story By: Kingsley Pascal
Images By: Adidas

Submitting itself to no categories this multi hyphenate actually borrows more from the Nike Air Max 87, with the nearly “verbatim” wavy mudguard, and the Air Jordan III, which holds the same basic shape and look, than it actually does from the O.G Tubular it is based on from the 90’s.

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This silhouette is not only stunning in both its unique look and color-way options, like the black/snakeskin addition, but is a bit of an anomaly for Adidas. When you think of Adidas and high top sneakers, unless you’re playing basketball in the 1980’s or dancing in a Missy Elliot video, they’re pretty much the same as wearing “Team Jordans” to the sneakerhead community.

Hopefully Adidas Originals can take whatever magic they still have left from the Tubular X, and continue to make shoes you’d never thought you’d wear from the company, and keep redefining what it means to be a casual shoe. We’ll be waiting.