Time travel may be getting closer thanks to Aerion and Airbus.


If speeds is an issue for you, then you don’t want to be on this plane. How does New York to London for Fashion week in a mere 3 hours sound, or Los Angeles to Tokyo in six? Same here, please sign us up. If Airbus and U.S. based firm Aerion have their way, we’ll see this luxury in the next few years. The two Aerospace giants have flexed their muscle and joined forces to create the first really sexy Supersonic jet since the Concorde. The jet will fly a stunning 1,217 MPG. The plane is almost bionic. It’s built mostly from carbon fiber and uses new laminar flow wing technology they developed with NASA that reduces drag by a whopping 20 per cent, which means, much lower fuel consumption and of course more cost effective planes.


The AS2 is 30 feet long and the cabin holds up to 12 people. For that convenience and luxury each plane costs $100Million in today dollars.

They’re shooting to have the first test flights by 2019, so until then, we’ll have to enjoy a few more hours of sleep or computer time.

Story By: Christian B
Images By: Aerion