Take a closer look. Do you see it yet? These cars do not have any wheels or tires, and appear to be floating or hovering. The Air Drive by Renaud Marion brings the creative eye and artistic touch to some of the world’s most classic, retro cars.

Air Drive Supp 1

Now, how can this be? Well Ferrvor Man, Renaud Marion is the brains behind the creation, bringing a “retro-futuristic” feel to his photographic series featured at M.A.D.Gallery in Geneva, Switzerland.

Air Drive Supp 3

Fueled by his childhood vision of futuristic, flying cars, which many of us have probably imagined as well, the project began in 2012, when he shot his first images. He sought out classic automobiles, and futuristic-looking architecture. To achieve the look, he applied digital technique and skill that removed the tires and wheels, thus creating the futuristic look to his project.

Air Drive Supp 3

The series includes images of vintage models from Aston Martin, Porsche, Mercedes, Jaguar and Chevrolet, and offers something to appreciate and admire whether you are into classic vehicles, science fiction or just the awesome idea of anything that appears to defy gravity.