Ami has always branded themselves on strong tradition and excellent quality. So it would only make sense that they would create a classic sneaker to accompany the brands image. It’s sophisticated yet with simple details, which makes it the perfect staple shoe.

Ami shoes 1

Ami’s new premier shoe features everything one might think to find on a sneaker, but with a twist only Ami can provide. The all leather body provides a luxury feeling while the suede detailing adds a fresh twist. The sole is made of a non-slip gum rubber perfect for any use. The Ami logo is branded on the back of the heel, giving the shoes an almost street-wear inspired feel. The sneaker has a straight forward attitude which is where its appeal comes from. Its the true nature of the sneakers that give it a bold statement.

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Its newest addition to the Ami brand is the ideal summer sneaker, but being a seasonal item so it wont be around for much longer.


Story By: Tony Madrid
Images By: Ami