In these times, we all need our phones to last as long as we do through the everyday hustle and bustle more than ever. The AMPY is the perfect gadget for Ferrvor man on the go.

Until this point, there were only car chargers and energy banks to keep your phone juiced. However, if you are away from your car or forget to charge you are out of luck. With it being 2015, you would think we would have solved this problem already. Although an endless battery does not exist we are now getting closer than ever.

Ampy Supp 1

The world has been introduced to the AMPY charger. What’s the difference between your run of the mill charger and the AMPY you say? Your movement. The AMPY is a kinetic powered charger that charges with the movement you create each day. Although kinetic power is not a new concept, it is a first time the concept has been used in such a small scale.

Ampy Supp 4

The AMPY is less than 5 ounces and is curved to your body so it sits comfortably on your arm, leg, or in your pocket. The best part of the AMPY is that you don’t have to be an Olympian to charge your device. Your everyday movement will do the trick. The AMPY is not yet in stores however, you can pre-order your device on their websites.