It’s that time again for us to show our American pride at its finest. Every year, Americans all over the world come together to celebrate our nation’s independence from Britain. The tradition first started in 1777, one year after the Declaration of Independence was first signed. American pioneers first celebrated by having a formal dinner and shooting 13 gun shots in the air representing the 13 colonies. Now we honor this special day by having fireworks, parades, and enjoying time with family. It’s a national holiday that unites Americans all over the United States. There’s no better way to show your pride than to dress for the occasion. Here is a pool side and sun ready outfit to help get you into the holiday spirit.

grid 2 july

Saint Laurent Denim Jacket 
Ami Chino Shorts
Cartier Calibre Watch
Paul Smith Red White Stripe Polo
Saint Laurent Stars Backpack
Gucci White Sneakers
Marc Jacobs Retro Sunglasses

Grid One july

Public School Grey Tee
Urban Outfitters Doughnut Float
Valentino Camo Swim Shorts
Balenciaga Black Sandal
Louis Vuitton Beach Towel
Tom Ford Square Sunglasses
Rag and Bone Baseball Hat

Story By: Tony Madrid
Images By: Saint Laurent, Rag&Bone, Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Valentino, Public School, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Ami, Cartier, Paul Smith