adidas Originals Future 3

Taking a page from Steve Jobs and his 1984 Super Bowl commercial for Macintosh, adidas Originals is daring you to be different, and not a mindless drone that dawdles amongst the other “sheep,” with their new SS16 Future Campaign.

Story By: Kingsley Pascal
Media By: adidas Originals

adidas Originals Future 2

The apocalyptic, adidas Originals SS16, campaign, which features real life humans, looking much more robotic than Alicia Vikander in Ex Machina, staring at their phones, being faceless defenders (against the Cleveland Cavaliers’ own baller/ trendsetter/rapper, Iman Shumpert), and snapping “selfies.” These aren’t the “PC clones,” marching in all grey clothing, featured in the Macintosh ad, but the message is the same nonetheless.  A soulfully crooned, “Your future is not mine,” puts a button on the commercial, and challenges the watcher to create their own, and to be themselves.

adidas Originals Future 1

The timing for the campaign is interesting, because while probably a less than subtle jab at Vans and Nike, it is arguably the most popular sneaker brand for casual/athletic wear. In the last year, more and more people have been rocking the classic, Stan Smiths and Superstars from Adidas Originals.
The success could also be credited to the successful Kanye West’s successful “Yeezy” campaign last year with Adidas, and heads have rekindled the flame that’s been burning pretty low since the 80’s and Run D.M.C.

Either way, it’s clear adidas Originals are here to stay. And while the slogan “Your future is not mine,” rings true, so does the subtext: “Your sneaker wearing future is ours.”