Attention! The world as we know it has just changed yet again, thanks for our digital forefather, Apple.

Working with metallurgists, photographers, musicians, doctors and other experts along side Jony Ive, the man responsible for iPod, iMac and the iPhone, Apple has once again gone to the ends of the earth to make something so mind-blowingly awesome that you simply have to have it in all of Apples glorious colors and various metal types, including 18k gold.

Apple watch4
Sure the new iPhone 6 was also revealed today, but does it really matter? We’ve come to expect cool new iPhone features and love our iPhones and sure the bigger screen will be nice for many, but that was expected at some point. On the other hand, it’s the announcement of this shiny new wearable technology in the form of the Apple Watch that’s the real attention grabber and a really big attention grabber at that. The Apple watch comes with a new pioneering technology, as groundbreaking as  the iPod Click Wheel and iPhone Multi-Touch called the Digital Crown that is a truly revolutionary navigation tool that gives users a new innovative way to scroll, zoom and navigate.

Apple watch3
For Apple lovers, it brings back (or in some cases, brings out) those first time feelings you get when you bought and opened your first iPod, iPad, iMac or MacBook to explore and play with all the cool features. You just couldn’t wait to do it. Thanks Apple, count us in.

Story By: Christian B
Images By: Apple