Ever heard of Polished Man? If not and you have a heart, keep reading.

What is Polished Man you may ask?

It all started with an eight-year-old girl named Thea. Her father – the family’s sole breadwinner had passed away, leaving Thea and her family without any money. Thea’s mother is not having any means, sent her to an orphanage, hoping to give her safe refuge. Instead, while there, Thea was physically and sexually assaulted for two years by the very people that were supposed to be taking care of her.

Story By: Chris Keith
Image Via: Zac Efron, Chris Hemsworth, Liam Hemsworth
Media By: Polished Man

YGAP’s CEO, Elliot Costello met Thea while visiting Hagar International, in Cambodia. She had recently been rescued, and Elliot was one of the first westerners she’d met since. They bonded over naughts and crosses.

When it came time to leave, Thea took Elliot’s hand and drew a love heart on his palm. And then painted his nails blue; a now polished man.

The next day, Elliot made the decision to paint one nail to remember her. And so Polished Man was born. He later found out that 1 in 5 children around the world suffers physical and/or sexual violence before the age of 18.

All funds raised through Polished Man are channelled into trauma recovery and trauma prevention programs for children who have suffered or are at risk of suffering violence globally.

These include YGAP impact entrepreneurs running ventures that reduce violence against children or provide emergency relief to those that have fallen victims to physical and/or sexual violence.

Here’re a few ways women can also get involved.

1. Rally behind the men in your life and tell them to become a Polished Man.

2. Tell the world, “I prefer a #PolishedMan” on social – selfie alone or with your Polished Man.

3. Help nail it for them. Lend your men a hand and help give him a fresh coat of paint.

4. Nail it yourself, and paint one feature nail for the month and raise funds and awareness.

Why Men you may ask? 90% of all sexual violence against children is perpetrated by men.

Not that they are pointing the finger, but simply asking men to lead the way, to start conversations and challenge the culture from where they stand.

Join Sam, Zac, Liam, and Chris for One man-i-cure at a time. #PolishedMan