Audi A8 L Security

Not to be outdone by Range Rover, Audi has once again, delivered excellence in the form of it’s new armored sedan, the Audi A8 L Security. The most secure Audi ever created offers us even more protection obtaining the coveted VR9 certification, meaning the car fulfills the most strict requirements for non-military armored security sedans. In other words, you’re pretty damn safe if you’re trying to escape from really bad guys.

Story By: Christian B
Media By: Audi

Integrating extremely resistant materials including aramids fabric, aluminum alloys and a hot-formed steel armor, the Audi A8 offers ultimate protection, despite it’s lower weight for vehicles providing this type of armored protection, thanks to being made largely from lightweight aluminum.

The body of the A8 is 17 ft long and looks pretty much like any other Audi sedan and rides like other sedans, so you would hardly know if you saw one passing by. The big difference is this A8 L is resistant to the bad guys explosive charges and can withstand an attack by military grade hand grenades and don’t worry about getting shot at, it’s windows are extremely bullet resistant in case of an attack.

Depending on your power needs, two engines are available for the L. Choose between a 4.0 TFSI biturbo V8 with 435 hand 442.5 kb-ft of torque or a naturally aspirated W 12 FSI with 500 hp and 461 kb-ft of torque.

Audi A8 L Security

Along with all-wheel drive, the car naturally comes with emergency run-flat tires and other goodies you’ve come to expect from a vehicle in this league including a communications box in the trunk an auxiliary battery, special guards for the starter battery and fuel tank and an intercom system that passengers can use to communicate with the outside when the windows are shut. Also included are a fire extinguishing system,  emergency fresh-air system, security remote start button, digital radio communications directly to authorities.

With all these bells and whistles you can still expect a first class comfortable ride as the chassis, brakes and electronic control systems have been specially developed to handle the increase in weight and provides a smooth ride.

Audi A8 L Security

As to be expected from an A8, the interior is quite elegant and luxurious and comes with fully adjustable heated seats with massage and ventilation functionality. That along with Bose surround sound, TV tuner, MMI navigation, 10.2 inch displays, a 360 degree camera and folding table make for a very pleasant trip anywhere you’re headed.

The newly updated Audi A8 L Security with resistance class VR 9 can be ordered now. Deliveries will begin spring 2016. Depending on where you’re located, the sedan is also available as a right-hand drive vehicle. Audi also offers support to it’s customers and includes special training for drivers and new vehicle owners.