Welcome back, Ferrvor Man! The first week of August wasn’t too shabby. We’ve already seen advancements in fashion, technology, and the music industry is taking big leaps.. There’s no time to waste, so let’s get into this week’s Around the Web.

perry 1

Perry Ellis is at it again, but with this year he’s putting a twist on his Fall-Winter 2015 Collection by modeling twins. You won’t be seeing double outfits, but the outfits may look twice as nice.

A while ago we mentioned that Lexus created a hoverboard, which essentially puts us closer to a futuristic setting in life. They tested the floating machinery at a skate park and these were the results.

Speaking of technology, we found the Branto Orb. You can be halfway across the world if you wanted to and you’d have the capabilities of having a 360 degree view of inside your house, or wherever else you may place it.


One of the most iconic individuals in the Hip Hop industry finally dropped this third, and what may be, his final album. We’re guessing it took a movie about his historic group, N.W.A., to convince Dr. Dre to amp up Apple Music sales overnight.

Downtown Los Angeles is the absolute need-to-be-there place for the summer. Every weekend for the summer the city hosts Grand Performances, a free outdoor concert off of Grand Street. But what makes this week’s performance interesting is their performers: Yuna and Aloe Blacc. It’s worth the trip to the city.

Story By: Nico Triunfante
Images By: Perry Ellis via, Lexus International, Branto Orb, Dr. Dre Facebook,