Life is about perspective and sometime we need to look at things from a different angle or perhaps all around.

The V.360 degree camera captures photos from not just one angle, or two, but captures the full 360 degree spectrum. No longer will you need to assemble a collection of pictures to make one 360 degree image.  Along with its photo taking power, the camera shoots in HD and can also take video.

Ferrvor Mag V360 7in

The means of this device measure far beyond the standard capabilities of a camera, it can also act as a wifi access point, has Bluetooth 4.0 and has a built-in GPS, barometer, accelerometer, and altimeter to make the quality of the image even better. In todays tech driven era there’s an app for nearly everything, as to not disappoint there’s also an app compatible with the camera.  The V.360 camera, companion application allows you to view, share, save and manage your videos/images (compatible with iOS and Android). This new device is changing the way we see the world and enabling us to capture it all in one single photo. I think it’s safe to say this gadget does it all.