It’s been a surprisingly gloomy week in Los Angeles this past week, but the rest of the world seems to be enjoying an enormous amount of fun throughout the week. Rain or shine, our spirits are high here at Ferrvor headquarters. Here’s this week’s edition of Around the Web.

In celebration of YouTube’s 10th year Anniversary, Ferrvor brings to you the very first video uploaded on the site. Congratulations on your success YouTube Team!

The wait is over, the Bruce Jenner exclusive interview with Dianne Sawyer is tonight on 20/20.

Daredevil 1

With the success of Daredevil earning an overall 5 star rating on Netflix, Season 2 is already in the works, and we can’t wait.

Over the past Earth Day, UN Messenger of Peace, Leonardo DiCaprio spoke to a crowd at the United Nations with his concerns about the current climate crisis, proving his impact doesn’t only grace the silver screen.

Shoe Grows 1

Whoever says that fashion doesn’t change lives has it all wrong. Kenton Lee, founder of Because International poverty charity, helped develop The Shoe That Grows giving kids footwear that adjust and grow along with them.

Kaleb 1


From the Ferrvor Man to celebrities like John Mayer, Drew Carey, and Shaun Ross, MyIdol becomes the most entertaining app this week and won the hearts of many. Here’s a sample from one of our favorites from the Ferrvor Staff.

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