Here at the office we enjoy having a hot cup of coffee ready at any point during the day, some music playing in the background, and occasionally will have a movie on to keep the creativity flowing, depleting the awkwardness of a silent office. There was a lot of commotion this week about Bill Cosby, and even petty Twitter fights that blew up the net. Well we want to avoid that here, and give you Ferrvor’s picks for this week’s Around the Web.

angelina 1

As we mentioned before, Netflix is going to take over the movie industry sooner or later, if not already. Angelina Jolie is working with Netflix to direct the film,“First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers.”

The first annual BET Players Awards took place in Las Vegas the other night where athletes were given awards based on players’ votes. It was a successful first run, we’re sure we’ll see this award show take place for years to come.

If Shia Labeouf’s “Do It” speech wasn’t motivating enough, the new movie Southpaw starring Jake Gyllenhaal will.

failpop 1
Summer is more than halfway through, but there’s still time to travel and get a good vacation in. What better way to scout the perimeter of your destination than by using the newly popular app FailPop?

Slowly we might see Instagram evolve into somewhat of a gaming platform. If you’ve logged on your account this week you might have noticed an advertised game for Rick and Morty.

Story By: Nico Triunfante
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