This week has been hectic all over the world, and you may even still be recovering from those St. Patrick’s Day Festivities. From Hollywood to Tokyo, to the new discoveries, here’s your Ferrvor dose with what’s been going on Around the Web.

On the set of Bullitt

Hollywood stars Channing Tatum and Ryan Gosling have expressed their interest in starring as Steve McQueen for an upcoming biographical movie. We wonder who will be starring as the “King of Cool.”


During Baselworld 2015, Gucci shows off their, a smart watch that includes a front facing camera, fitness tracking, notifications and music. This collaboration with former Black Eyed Peas star seems like it’ll take off once it hits stores.


“What would it be like to play sports in the desert?” This was Kubo’s question that reflected his style during Tokyo Fashion Week. Doesn’t it entice you to want to hang out the Sahara?


Joseph Gordon-Levitt is set to produce and star in the upcoming live-action movie, “Fraggle Rock.” Something to look forward to from the Hollywood star and relive a childhood favorite.

A new map app is taking the roads by storm. With HERE, you’ll be able to get accurate maps and navigation without needing Internet connection. No need to stress if your phone has no service because HERE has got you covered.

Supplemental Images via, Gucci, Japan Fashion Week, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, heremaps