From food to clothes and more, this week we wanted to give you ideas on how you can share stylish, intimate, and stomach-satisfying moments with those important people in your lives. We’d like to introduce to you this week’s Around the Web; Sharing is Caring.

1. Full Moon at Buckingham Palace in Broad Day Light

Publicity stunt or just plain crazy. You be the judge.

Twining 1

2. Twinning

Twinning, Harvey Nichols’s new favorite trend that’s taking fashion by storm. Whether your other half is your best friend or your significant other, the trend is in so you can both dress to impress, together.

3. Jared Leto Goes Blonde

In preparation for his role as The Joker, Jared chops off his long brown locks for the first time in years.


4. Cinder

Cooking steaks just became easier. It’s pretty much a George Foreman Grill on steroids. Cook while you’re watching the game or kicking it back with the boys and you’ll get an indication on your smart phone when the steak is ready.

 5. Scott Eastwood Stars in The Bachelor with Dogs, Not Really

In this hilarious video from Funny or Die, Scott Eastwood wants to find a friend, man’s best friend.

Supplemental Images via Anders Dahlberg, Harvey Nichols, Funny or Die, IGN, Cinder