Funny. Fury. Ferrvor. A few words used to describe the kind of week we’ve been having at the office. But why keep it strictly to us? Here’s a look into what we found for this week’s version of Around the Web.

Ferrvor iPhone_Shut_down.PNG copyThe Crash of the iPhone: You probably got this annoying text message this week that crashed your iPhone. It’s a good thing Apple found a way to at least temporarily prevent your phone from crashing.

We have about a week before the NBA Finals. With Golden State’s win over the Houston Rockets, this marks the first time since the beginning of the league, two rookie head coaches make the NBA Finals.

Probably one of the more memorable acts of Make-A-Wish Foundation, 5-year-old leukemic Miles Scott’s dream of helping Batman became a reality. Batkid Begins hits theaters next month.

As a side note, Riley Curry once again steals the show from the league’s MVP.

Laser Unicorns just released Kung Fury, a half hour Kickstarter-funded movie out on YouTube, filled with action, comedy, random commodities, and lots and lots of cool 80s cheese.