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For your entertainment pleasure, we compiled some of the top stories in sports, movies, and television for this week’s around the web. Enjoy.

Story By: Amanda Del Mar
Media By: Fox, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Disney Pixar, MLB

Get ready because the X-FILES are reopening. Coming January 2016, the hit sci-fi show brings back FBI special agents, Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson).

Jimmy Fallon has become one of late night’s funniest. Reminiscent of David Letterman’s “Top 10 Lists,” Jimmy gathers up his top posts with #WhyDidISayThat hashtags, and the results were hilarious.

Pixar Studios is gearing up to celebrate 20 years of animated friendship. Whether you’re young or old, or grew up with some classic animated films, we can all appreciate a lasting friendship.

And that’s a wrap for LA. In the battle of two coasts, the Dodgers lost to the New York Mets, who now join the Chicago Cubs, Kansas City Royals and Toronto Blue Jays to compete for the Commissioner’s Trophy.