Wow, where has the time gone?! It’s already mid-September, and as the fall season comes along, we are entering the last quarter of the year. Here’s a few of the highlights, laughs and entertainment from this week around the web.

As suspected, Ed O’Neil and Sofia Vergara have recreated the iconic couple Al and Peg Bundy. As part of a special feature from The Hollywood Reporter, the rest of the Modern Family cast join in on the fun as they also recreate other classic TV shows including Cheers, Breaking Bad and I Dream of Jeannie.
facebook dislikeNot everything someone posts is ‘Like’-worthy. So if you’re tired of seeing those annoying Facebook posts that you want to just ‘Dislike’ you’re in luck because soon Facebook will release the button you’ve been waiting for.

The political race is on! And whether you’re a fan of Donald Trump or not, its undeniable that poking fun at the multi-billionaire is entertaining, especially when it’s coming from funny man, Jimmy Fallon.

This week the official trailer for Disney’s The Jungle Book was released. The classic story comes alive, and is already leaving us wanting more!

Bond excitement is almost never ending, and the anticipation is heightened yet again with Sony’s new commercial for the Sony RX100 IV camera. The beautifully directed piece shows Miss Moneypenny is seen zipping her way through London’s Southbank avoiding danger from every angle.

Story By: Amanda Del Mar
Media By: The Hollywood Reporter, Facebook, Jimmy Fallon Show, Disney Movie Trailers, SONY