Being big fans of music over here at Ferrvor and the fact our editor has been a DJ and music producer for the last decade, we think great music should be listened to on a great set of headphones in full on, thick juicy audio file glory (in other words, non mp3). For those that don’t know, or who were raised on MP3’s only, you really don’t know what you’re missing. With these phones and a full resolution audio file, you will notice a seismic difference in the depth and richness of your favorite tracks, essentially recreating the song in near perfection as though you were at the recording studio.

Story By: Chris Keith
Images By: HIGiMan

On that note, there are surprisingly quite a few choices in the hi-fidelity headphone space, so of all the headphones that stood out, the folks at HIGiMan and their HE-1000’s were our favorites.


A CES 2016 Innovation Awared Honoree, HIGiMan has spent the last 7 years perfecting the HE-1000 headphones and their intricate components to give you a glorious sound. According to HiFiMAN, the HE-1000’s are the first headphones to make their diaphragm less than 0.001mm thick. This nearly invisible component is moved by an asymmetrical magnet circuit and protected behind a patented “shutter shades” style grill that’s specifically designed to minimize sonic refraction.

As far as looks, they’re stunning, classic, yet hi-tech. The HE-1000’s are made from wooden veneer, perforated leather, and brushed metal.
At $2,999, you may not e paying your car payment for a couple months, but at least you’ll be listening to your favorite tunes in crystal clear, rich, glorious style.