Evolving into the art world’s premier platform for artists all over the world, Art Basel has earned a worldwide reputation since 1970. Artists, curators, gallerists, collectors and art enthusiasts worldwide, come together for the week-long event and showcase their remarkable talents and skills filling galleries of the highest quality in art from paintings, sculptures, films and more.


The goal of Art Basel is to connect the international art community in this annual event. Think of it as the art world’s Coachella; The joining of world-renowned acts and festival lovers from all over the world in music celebration. Art Basel is a celebration of art that crosses together the modern and contemporary art world.


The annual showcase is featured in three amazing cities: Basel, Miami Beach and Hong Kong. Art Basel Miami Beach, will feature 250 of the world’s leading galleries and participants as 75,000 visitors step foot into this artists’ mecca. If you’re in for a dynamic, cultural event that captures your senses, stirs your curiosities and allows you to enter into a world of creativity and unlimited vision, then Ferrvor Man, this is where you need to be.

Supplementary Images by Art Basel,  Benoit Pailley, Courtesy of the artist and MOT International