American electro-pop band, Handsome Ghost, releases their newest EP Steps, and is a must listen for any occasion.

Spring is here and Handsome Ghost brings new music that embodies the upbeat, warm, and playful Spring Feeling. “Steps” is the six track EP, from American electro-pop band, Handsome Ghost. Their first single, “Blood Shutter” made it’s way around the Internet a few months back, which is when we got our first taste of the band.

Ghost 1

Handsome Ghost came from a very unique start. Songwriter Tim Noyes, always had a dream of being a musician but never fully pursued it, until one day he deleted his Tinder account and chased after his dreams. Sorry ladies, but Tim had a goal, and ultimately we’re in favor of his decision because Steps is an excellent all around EP. We can’t put a finger on what other artists the band is comparable to, and that’s for the best. Pairing dreamy vocals, with acoustic guitars, synths, chilling harmonies, and almost hip-hop-like percussion, Handsome Ghost is truly unique.

Whether you’re in need for new music for the beach, for the morning commute to work, or to throw a party with friends, Steps is bound to put whoever listens, in a better mood.