Max Rosenzweig, aka Diveo, is ready for the world to take notice and give him the respect he deserves in the electronic music world. 

Organized chaos. Two words tthat are a perfect description of Diveo’s music. Joining an electronic pop movement that is well underway, Max brings a little something more to the table than the rest. Max is a freshman studying at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU. Each song is so different, yet so similar, where each focuses on complex lyrics and storytelling, but matched to futuristic synths and elaborate bass lines.

Max was listening to Daft Punk as he was growing up and the influence is evident in his song “Fairytale Girl.” He cites other influences to range from Justice, Andrew Huang, PC Music, Maxo, Tennyson, Animal Collective, and Ryan Hemsworth who just signed Max to his Secret Songs project.

“Artists like Diveo are starting to lead this new form of mutated pop. Using the term sounds lame these days but this is really, ‘diy’. It’s saying ‘we don’t need your studio time, your budget, your session musicians, or even your back-up singers. Diveo is a one-man army. Artists who rely on an entire team for their creations, existence and relevance, should be scared.”

Artists that are able to create projects themselves from start to finish, will be around for a long, long time, which we expect Diveo to be one of them.

You can hear his passion for music as each song progresses through different realms of genres.  On top of that he’s only a freshman. Combine that with what he will learn from artists like Ryan Hemsworth, and Max is going to have a big influence on how music is made and how it’s heard. We’re excited for any future collaborations between Max and Ryan. Check out his newest release with Ryan below.