Nineteen year old artist British artist, Tom Misch teamed up with Carmody to release their new EP, Out To Sea. This five track EP will treat your ears with beautiful harmonies that’ll soothe your soul. 

We first came across Tom’s music on his Soundcloud page, where we found some remixes and some acoustic tracks. The first song we played was his Busta Rhymes remix which peaked our interest. Checking out the rest of his original music, it was a change of pace, a little slower, with more intricate compositions and flowing harmonies. At that moment we knew this kid was something special.

The first track, “So Close,” opens with his guitar which is the base of this track, but the real gem of this song, is the compatibility of Tom and Carmody’s voices. The harmonies are chilling, and especially around the 1:18 mark is when we felt the song open itself up, revealing the power behind their voices.

“Release You” starts with Carmody, followed by Tom, where with a call and response, which we could envision perfectly, as if we were in the studio watching them sing this part together. The vulnerability in the lyrics and the tones of their voices had us begging for more. Luckily there are two more songs on the EP.

The next song, “Paper Planes,” is our favorite on the project. We’re introduced into this song by an acoustic guitar, and soon welcomed Tom’s vocals. He layers his own vocals on top of each other at the start, adding a completely new harmony we haven’t heard on the EP. In the midst of the melody, the duo is on top of their game, showing off how well their vocals play off of one another.

One thing that stood out to us was how impressive the production was on each track. Tom’s Soundcloud is full of remixes, and you can definitely hear the influences in how the percussion is mixed in every song. If his idols were to hear this, we think that they would also approve. Listen to the Out to Sea EP by the wonderful Tom Misch and Carmody below!