Vallis Alps, an electronic-pop duo gives us their new self-titled EP, Vallis Alps, and it’s astonishing. The only request we have for them is to release more music.

Consisting of Parissa Tosif (Vocals) and David Ansari (Production) form the new duo Vallis Alps. It’s hard to summarize their sound, as its a hybrid-like sound of all of our favorites combined into one. It’s quite a difficult task to combine the production elements from Ryan Hemsworth, Made in Heights, and Marian Hill, but David does it, and adds his own touch. Parissa’s vocals are chilling, as they left us with more and more goosebumps after each song. Her voice can fill all of the extra space that David leaves in the production, and then she can take her vocals down to the lowest dynamic, showing off her intimacy with the music. Beautiful.

The EP is only four songs, unfortunately, but they will be played more than once, that’s for sure. After each succeeding listen of the EP, we find more and more hidden gems with Parissa’s vocals, David’s production, and the duo’s instrumentation throughout the EP.

Listen to Vallis Alps below, and let us know which of the tracks are your favorite!