Ok, so imagine yourself on a racetrack, driving at incomprehensible speeds, while the driver in your rear view mirror disappears in the distance. Now see yourself doing the same thing, just not as fast, on your city streets. To achieve this scenario, you’ll need to get your hands on the new special edition Aston Martin Vantage GT3, a truly illustrious road vehicle, fused with serious track-driving performance.

This beauty comes fully equipped with all new engineering technology thanks to Aston Marin’s years of racing experience with the DBR9 and DBRS9. The latest Vantage GT3 has a modified version of Aston Martin’s V12, 6.0 litre engine producing more then 600 bhp and 700 Nm of torque.

AM 1

Carbon fibre front wings, door casings along with a six speed sequential transmission with semi-automatic paddle shift gear change, along with the latest race-developed ABS and traction control, help with drivability, reducing the gap between pro and am drivers.

am 2

As far as interior, nothing was left un-done. The race inspired interior comes with a six-point safety harness, carbon fibre dash, fire extinguisher system, driver display and shift lights.

Production of this model will only be limited to 100 lucky people, so if you want one, you need act fast.

The special edition Vantage GT3 will find its way to the public on March 3rd at the 85th Geneva International Show.