Appropriately named after the Roman god of fire and metalwork, the Vulcan is Aston Martin’s most thrilling hyper car ever made. Designed strictly for the track, the British make covers all ends on this top-of-the-line machine. It is undeniable that this vehicle grabs your attention whether you’re a driver, passenger or just lucky enough to see it pass by. Aston Martin CEO, Dr Andy Palmer, calls it, “A sports car for true sports car lovers.”

Designed by the team behind Aston Martin Racing, the front mid-engine packs a huge punch with a 7.0-litre, V12 engine and 800 brake-horsepower. And since this is far from your ordinary sportscar, owners will be offered complimentary training courses with renowned race car drivers.

Vulcan 3

The exterior looks somewhat like a fierce, all-carbon fibre, Green Goblin taking over the racetracks. And staying true to it’s name, the Vulcan shoots out fire from the side exhausts. Yes, you heard that right. The Aston Martin Vulcan is a car that shoots fire.

The Aston Martin Vulcan is priced at $2.33M and is limited to 24 models worldwide. Will you be a future owner Ferrvor Man?