This generation is no stranger to fitness and workout gadgets. We’ve been introduced to wristbands that track your steps, sleeping patterns and eating habits. Now, thanks to Athos, you can now wrap yourself in your own fully functional fitness attire that tracks heart rate, muscle activity, and your respiratory process that can supply you with omnipotent body gains.

We all know form is everything when you’re pumping iron. The Athos clothing supplies you with the compression you need with waterproof material that is equipped with sensors that aren’t noticeably felt on your body. By integrating Electromygraphy technology, the sensors are able to give you real time feedback and analysis on which muscle groups you are working during a particular workout, so you can determine the intensity of each set and repetition by looking at an app.

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Within the analysis you get a review of your form, balance, muscle exertion, heart rate, muscle utilization and respiration. Additionally, it keeps track of your progress on a daily basis, so you can say goodbye to notebook tracking.

Athos starter packages for both men and women, which include either an upper or lower body suit and an Athos core sensor, range from $348-$398; a small price to pay for generous gains.

Story By: Nico Triunfante
Media By: Athos