The Audi R8 has graced our roads with it’s ultra-modern, sporty design since 2006. And since then, the German-bred speedster has proclaimed it’s mark in the world of high-end, sports vehicles.  

The new Audi R8 Competition, is “the closest road car to our R8 LMS ultra race car.” It features a 7-speed paddle-shift twin-clutch transmission, lightweight ceramic breaks, 570 horsepower, a max speed of 199MPH, and reaching 0-60 mph in 3.2 secs flat, this is by far the fastest, most powerful Audi R8 model ever. And you can bet that the body-style does not fail to impress either. A super-sleek design made from matte carbon fiber allows for a lighter body, including a fixed real spoiler, engine bay, side blades, side-view mirrors and interior fixtures.

Ferrvor Audi R8

Expecting to get your hands and feet on this model? Customization is all yours with a variety of exterior and interior pairings and finishes. You’ll definitely have passers-by doing a double take on this incredible road machine.

Be on the lookout for The new Audi R8 Competition to be revealed at the L.A. Auto Show in November, and on the road by early 2015. For those who have always dreamt of getting behind the wheel of this standout race car, orders begin next month, limited only to 60-units in the U.S. So you better get it before it’s gone!