Axel Arigato’s footwear journey down the rabbit hole becomes apparent that there’s much more than velvet loafers and incredibly crafted espadrilles. There’s a keen sense of design and uncanny ability to create classic mens footwear that refuses to fall in line with the expected. 

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Designed in Paris – operating in Sweden, Axel Arigato is made up of three founding partners; Axel, Max and Albin.

‘We have all been shoe enthusiasts our whole lives but we have always had a hard time finding a shoe brand that stands for what we stand for and one that can offer the right shoes for every occasion. With Axel Arigato we want to reach people who value shoes as the most important part of the outfit.’ Shares the footwear team. ‘Our shoes are designed to personify the individual. In our eyes, the rest of the outfit is secondary. This is why we offer a wide range of styles from sneakers to slippers and introduce a new product every week.’ 


The Slipper is a classic style, why was the velvet design important to the collection?

It was very important both in terms of style but also in order to offer a wide selection of styles. We personally like the slipper a lot and you know when you see a man walking down the street with a pair of jeans and slippers that he is not afraid to show his true style.

How would you recommend these shoes be worn?

 It all depends on the occasion. It’s more about the man that is wearing them and what he feels most comfortable with. For every category that we offer we look to create styles that stand out and make a statement.

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How should one care for their shoes?

One must remember that velvet itself is a very sensitive material. You should not wear a pair of velvet slippers on a rainy day or to a busy party. If they do get dirty you should carefully clean using a very small portion of water and detergent. If you feel insecure about doing it yourself, we always recommend leaving it to the professionals – a cobbler or shoemaker.

If you could see the velvet slippers worn by anyone in the world who would it be?

Someone that would be totally unexpected, like Snoop.

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What’s next for the footwear brand?

The journey of Axel Arigato has just begun. We launched our website in early July and have already sold to more than 60 countries. We are very proud of the fact that we release at least one new style every week which we will continue to always do. We also have some very fun projects ahead of us that will be launched in 2015 and I hope that I can tell you more in our next interview.