Bally, brings to you, Triangle Walks, an installation celebrating artists and architecture from the Modernist movement, paying homage to the legacy and work of Swiss pioneer, Pierre Jeanneret.

Today’s modern architecture and design are reflective of the same idea and fundamentals of Modernists of the past: “a functional object can also be beautiful and the boundaries between art and usefulness have been abolished.” Art is passionate in every sense. It is not just for your eyes to see, your hands to touch, emotions to be captured and senses to be sparked. Art is to also to be embraced with its functionality and lifestyle.

Prouve-jeanneret 5

Bally is one of the most well-respected luxury brands in the world. Their style and architecture have reflected a Modernist touch. Through their exhibit, Triangle Walks, they have captured the idea that, “The point is not so much to move with the times or even to be ahead of one’s time but to understand it, to be part of it, to capture its trends, it’s vibrations and aspirations.” The exhibition will be featured in three cities around the globe, including Art Basel, Miami.

The highlight of the exhibit is the Jean Prouvé Demountable House, which is an original house acquired by Bally and restored to pristine condition. Prouvé and Jeanneret designed these homes during WWII to help house displaced residence in the Lorraine region of France.


Through the vision of Prouvé, Jeanneret and Bally, a collaboration has come together that showcases history, art and Modernist style over 70 years in the making. Exclusive pieces from Kolkoz and Zak Kitnick and Bally’s Modernist furniture collection highlighting the interior stylings of the house, adding another traditional touch of Modernist history.

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Be a part of the present, and embrace the movement. The Triangle Walks exhibition can be visited until December 7th, at Delano South Beach’s Orchard from December 4th to 7th, 2014.