Ferrvor Balmain Fall Men's HairstyleLet’s talk hair, shall we. This post is dedicated to the hairs you have left on top of your head as opposed to the rest of your body. The French fashion house, Balmain and Male-Super-model,  Sean O’Pry popped our hair loving cherries last season with his Balmain’s hair trends book.

Story By: Nicolai K
Image By: Balmain

And now Ladies and Gentlemen, the French fashion house, Balmain has once again reunited with the photographer, An Le for another installment of Balmain’s hair trends book.

Ferrvor Balmain Fall Men's Hairstyle

Playing tag team with the hair stylist Nabil Harlow and groomer, Frankie Boyd, together, they transformed Trevor Signorino, Christopher Hinchey, and Noma Han into Balmain’s army trendsetting Fall Hair models.

Ferrvor Balmain Fall Men's Hairstyle

Ranging from long, short, medium, and something in between, they are far away from your average Supercut style. We love what Balmain has delivered so far.

Ferrvor Balmain Fall Men's Hairstyle

Certainly not your everyday hairstyle, especially for you bankers, but they offer some nice alternative styles for those that are looking for a creative change and for whatever endeavor your taking on. Here’s to joining Balmain’s Army.