Coming this July, the world’s smallest, digital film action camera along with an innovative remote control.

Black Magic 4

GoPro watch out, Blackmagic design has created and cue’d up a miniaturized Super 16mm professional digital film cam with some wicked new bells and whistles including a what seems to be their special sauce, which is a revolutionary new expansion port that provides gives users access to many of the camera’s unique functions via a common remote control solutions like radio model aircraft remote controls that allow users to operate the camera wirelessly for capturing action anywhere. Pretty cool.

Black Magic 2

The Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera is unique in that it can be mounted in cars on walls and then controlled directly from buttons positioned on the front of the camera itself. This means you don’t need to reach around the back of the camera to start recording, and the front mounted tally LED allows easy confirmation that the camera has started recording.

It’s durable and tiny, yet professional. In fact the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera features a body that is not much larger than the Micro Four Thirds lens mount, making it as small as a camera with a professional lens can be. Its core is made out of a lightweight and strong magnesium alloy so it’s durable enough to use anywhere, from the ocean floor to the stratosphere or beyond.

Black Magic 1

Where else would you use this? According to Blackmagic, the Micro Cinema Camera is small enough to be used anywhere, such as on a skate board for  extreme sports shots, mounted to a drone for panoramic fly overs, strapped to a helmet for killer point of view shots, great for quadcopters, as a crash cam, or reality TV.

At $995 retail, we’ll have to see how it stands up in the busy camera market with GoPro and other action-ready cameras with similar features.