As you may have heard, California is suffering a pretty severe drought. Now, we might not have been able to find the answer to solve that problem, but we did find a way to conserve gas along the way of your daily commute.

Bolt 2

Some days you just don’t feel like sitting, waiting around in traffic, because face it, who really does? The Porsche or the Mercedes might have all the gadgets to keep you entertained on a road trip, but sometimes you just want to get up and go and zip right throughout the lanes. That’s where the Bolt M-1 Motorbike comes in handy.

Bolt Batt Gone

So what is this Bolt Motorbike all about? Well, Ferrvor Man, let me tell you all about. No gas, no worries, because it’s 100% electric. Charge up the 33 Volt battery for an hour and a half with the fast charge option, or five hours on the maintenance setting.

Bolt 5

And guess what? The Bolt Motorbike is easy to ride! If you know how to ride a bicycle, you’ll know how to maneuver with this bike. Handle turns with ease at speeds of up to 20 MPH in Economy Mode and 40 MPH in Sport Mode. You don’t even need a license to handle this toy, and you can transport the 140 lbs bike easily.

bolt 7

Password protected, a USB charger for your phone, and connect digitally through your smartphone, makes it one of the most hi-tech and functional electric bikes out there.

The Bolt Motorbike has definitely caught our attention. How about you Ferrvor Man?

Story By: Amanda Del Mar
Media By: Bolt Motorbikes