Art impacts our souls by emotionally engaging and indulging the senses. Bottega Veneta has captured that by bringing their Spring Summer 2015 Collection alive through, the “Emotion of Sound.”

Bottega 1

Director, Yusuke Tanaka, takes us along a beautiful visual journey where dance and sound intertwine perfectly. The build up is slow and sensual, as if the dancers are just beginning to discover themselves, from their first breaths to their first movements. Against a white background, Tanaka creates large shadows that never leave the dancers, thus creating a dramatic mirror image along the wall. The video is pieced together gorgeously and each frame cut coincides sharply at the sound of the beat, and creating the connection of visual movement and sound.

The video was created to stray away from what is typically known to come from Bottega Veneta, and incorporate the art of sound and dance to present their collection. Bottega Veneta’s Creative Director, Tomas Maier, stated it beautifully, “Sound can be a very intriguing sense, and just as the other sounds, highly personal. It can convert a lot about its source and can trigger imagination unique to the individual.”

Bottega Veneta has successfully made a mark in the design world through this artful masterpiece combining fashion, dance and sound.