The Swiss watch manufacturing company Breitling has released their newest time piece inspired by naval aviation. The watch is a perfect embodiment of flight and precision executed in a modern technique.

Story By: Tony Madrid
Images By: Breitling

The new Avenger Bandit exhibits the same impeccable qualities you would find in an aircraft. It’s a watch highly dedicated to performance. It features a military rubber strap and a titanium face but is still lightweight. The bezel of the watch features a signature style of Breitling’s by having engraved numbers and four tabs surrounding it.

Avenger Bandit

The Avenger Bandit also features a strap secured by a titanium folding clasp and combines a very unique rubber tread on the wrist side with an anthracite like exterior, inspired by the military. The face of the watch is glare proof for even the toughest terrain. And of course, it wouldn’t be a naval watch if it wasn’t waterproof.

Avenger Bandit

So in the words of Breitling, “Avenger Bandit: the entire spirit of naval aviation on the wrist”.