Celebrating 70 years of fashion history, the Brioni Fall Winter 2015 Collection at Milan Fashion Week goes back to their roots. 

The Italian luxury fashion brand has made it’s mark in men’s fashion since the 1940s. They paved the way by holding the first ever men’s runway fashion show and opening the eyes of consumers to a fresh way of viewing the men’s fashion world. The Brioni Fall Winter 2015 Collection goes back into time and reinvents their classic looks with a modern touch.

Brioni JacketsLong oversize coats are reminiscent of equestrian lifestyle, and belted cashmere coats exuded the personality of military uniforms of the past. Various leather bags and gloves, complimented each look perfectly and highlighted the appreciation of fine quality goods, perfect for those on-the-go.

Brioni BlazersFor Ferrvor Man who appreciates a great suit, Brioni did not fail to present topnotch looks for the upcoming seasons. Patterned suits were layered with sweaters and scarves of blues, reds and greys that continued to look sleek and fresh with every model’s step.

Brioni SweatersDesigned to suit every occasion and with the comfort to tackle the cooling down of the fall and the chill of the winter, just like the brand’s first show, Brioni Fall Winter 2015 Collection has captured the runway once again.