Something might have been in the air at the Burberry show last night. Perhaps, its the fact that the powerhouse brand has unified the women’s and men’s collection all in one show, or perhaps the 12-piece orchestra setting a romantic tone for the night?

Story By: Nicolai K
Image By: Burberry

As Burberry’s Christopher Bailey explained, “The collection was influenced by Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando – a love letter to the past and to English history, and a kind of dressing up.”

Ferrvor Menswear London Burberry September 2016

The collection is both sweet, romantic, and yet stays true to the classic British way of life, hence, the Burberry way of life on proper menswear.

Ferrvor Menswear London Burberry September 2016
It is full of dusty hues of pink, green and yellow, additionally, there were oversized pieces like a military tailcoat, ruffled neck shirts, silk pajama-style trousers all echoing the British eighteen hundred timeline.

Ferrvor Menswear London Burberry September 2016

The menswear line is the is a breadwinner of the two. It is served the Burberry’s intention to bring their collections closer to their consumers. Think closely, the Napoleonic British uniform genre with a trace of British modern rebellious flair.

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