Every once in awhile you come across a true piece of automotive art. And to that point, we’d like to introduce you to Porsche’s ridiculously hot new electric concept car. The “E” idea is sustainable mobility in the Porsche car of tomorrow and what that looks like. Naturally, the new all-electric drive is a sports car.

porsche mission e

Anyone that knows Porsche knows driving a Porsche means driving at it’s spectacular best. The key specs of Concept Study Porsche Mission E go to show that this holds true for e-mobility too with these Porsche must haves: Top acceleration, top speed, a healthy battery driving range and a quick charging system in under 15 minutes. They apparently have accomplished these goals.

As far as design, expect Porsche DNA throughout, but with an ultra modern update. Since there is no combustion engine, or exhaust the designers had plenty of opportunities to rethink previous form and function and have explored and pushed those limits resulting in this seamless flow-through body geared towards sinister performance.

porsche mission e

The Porsche Mission E front, with the flat hood resembles the Porsche 918 spider adding to that the stylistic Matrix LED headlight units with integrated sensors for the assistance systems. A sports car can’t be too tall, Porsche delivers a four seater that’s merely 1.3M high, yet comfortable for all. From the back, you’ll recognize the Porsche characteristics right away combining a continuous light strip with a black glass finish, picking up the flow-through theme. The cabin tapers towards the rear, giving way to the rear fenders.

Expect some pretty cool innovations throughout including the exterior mirrors, which do and don’t exist. Images are from cameras which are reflected in the lower windshield corners giving drivers a better view of the images as well as the surrounding area. Genius.

porsche mission e 2

The inside is completely futuristic starting with four individual seats inspired by bucket-type racing seats, saving weight and giving passengers the perfect amount of lateral support to match the driving dynamics of the car. The dashboard is something you’d expect from a sci-fi movie. It’s entirely driver-oriented interface providing intelligent interaction between the real and virtual worlds. Intuitive, fast, distraction-free and undeniably a sports car.

The driver’s display is curved, inclined, detached and freely programmable. Its cluster features five round instruments – distinctively Porsche, yet virtually displayed in OLED technology. They are assigned to the driver-relevant function categories Porsche Connect, Performance, Drive, Energy and Sport Chrono. The menu navigation is now controlled by eye tracking. Drivers can activate the instrument menu on the steering wheel by pressing a button, giving access to the desired menu. It just takes another glance at the display to select a different round instrument. Confirmation is by hand. Everything works intuitively, seamlessly and quickly.

porsche mission e

As we mentioned performance is key and this car is no exception. The E-Porsche comes with a generous 600hp powerhouse with a 0-62mpg run time of under 3.5 seconds and 0-124mph in <12 seconds flat. The Project E has many innovation running on advanced batteries that will enable a range of more then 310 miles on a single charge and can be recharged up to 80% capacity in about 15 minutes with inductive quick recharging capabilities, where owners would simply drive over a plate in their garage that would recharged the car automatically. Pretty nifty.

With all this excitement, we were hoping it wouldn’t be too long before the Porsche Mission E becomes a reality and according to Porsche this WILL be reality in the next 5 years.

Story By: Christian B
Media By: Porsche